‘ANGRATEX’ textile mill was established in 1986. Our company has been developing its services since the commencement of our activities only to offer our customers a wide range of top quality products. We produce threads for portable and heavy-duty bag closing machines, various types of cords, lines, sausage threads, paper cords and wick cords. With the aim to meet the requirements of our customers, we constantly expand our offer and introduce new assortment, with particular attention to the quality and aesthetic side of our products. High quality of our products, on-time delivery and attractive prices make our customers return to us.
We tailor individual orders to the guidelines of our customers.

35 years of experience in manufacturing
lines, cords and threads

Guaranteed high quality
We offer only proven and durable materials


Lines, cords, resistance bands
Manufactured from synthetic fibres: polypropylene, polyester, polyamide or natural fibres: cotton, jute, flax.
Threads for bag closing machines
Threads made from continuous and spun polyester of various thickness and colours.
Cords for wick production
Cotton cords, braided in various parameters and thickness, with or without paper core.
Paper cord
Natural, ecological paper cords, twisted, ideal for decoration, handicraft, scrapbooking,…
Sausage threads and loops
We offer sausage threads in several colours, approved by the National Institute of Hygiene, used in meat processing plants.

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Textile Company "ANGRATEX"
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